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Are you having power outages? If you lost your power for 2 or 3 days, you risk the loss of all the food in your refrigerator. In the cold months you risk the chance of your pipes freezing and what could happen as a result. Isn't it better to be prepared?  Just like having insurance.   Be prepared.  Don’t wait.  Castle Rock Electric LLC is an Authorized Generac Dealer .
Insure that you have electricity in the event of a power outage.
Electric Panels

Matt and his family went to sleep one night. During the night, Matt thought he smelled something burning: Probably his imagination?  Early next morning, Matt called Castle Rock Electric LLC. Matt’s main electric panel was internally burning. Working quickly,  CASTLE ROCK ELECTRIC LLC replaced Matt’s burning panel. Waiting any longer could have caused his house to catch fire.  The panel was safely replaced. The following evening, Matt slept well knowing his wife and children were safe. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are estimated close to 400,000 national residential fires per year.*

*Matt in retrospect, should have called the fire department if he smelled something burning. Luckily this was caught before a tragedy occurred.
Dangerous Conditions

Does your outlet look like this?  If so, it needs replacing. This outlet is a shock hazard as well as a fire hazard.  It should be replaced as soon as possible.  Call us. 440-337-9080.  We will come out and repair or replace that broken outlet, light switch, electrical box, GFCi or any other electrical problem that may exist.
Professional Install

Do you need a new fixture installed?  This picture is of a fixture being installed.  It looks confusing doesn't it?  As licensed professional electricians, this is not complicated to us.  We know how to install all types of fixtures, including panels, gfci's, breakers, new circuits, landscape lighting, outdoor lighting, etc.  You can count on us to do a perfect installation, one that is safe and secure.
Emergency Service

When a storm comes or a tree falls and the wires are down, or if you are experiencing flickering lights (a possible fire hazard), call us.  We will be happy to come out and repair the problem on the spot.  These are typical emergencies that must be taken care of immediately. Call now 440-337-9080
Residential Design and Install

We are specialists in designing layouts for your home electrical needs.  Whether it be a generator or a new panel and running new circuits and wires in your house, we can do it all.  This includes eletrical wiring, network cable, tv cable, lights, outlets, switches, gfci's, range outlets, dryer outlets, washer outlets, microwave outlets, outdoor and indoor lighting and wiring, including service to your shed or garage.
Commercial Services

We can handle all of your commercial needs, from repair of lights, replacement of panels, installation of outlets, or engineered plans and designs for a new project. Call us and we will be happy to come out to determine what your needs are and help you through the project at hand. Call 440-337-9080

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Who We Are

Ed Ellis and Adam Ellis are a father and son team.  We believe in doing quality work at a reasonable price.  We strive to give you prompt quality service. Our belief is that whatever work we do, if we were having the work done for us, we would expect the same level of service.  Our electricians are experienced and must meet our qualifications. 
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